Statement of BlackSteel – Jason Harley 8-1-2006

Pamela Anderson’s support of PETA and making vegetarian choices when dining or cooking is a cause she has championed for years, and has served as an inspiration to me. I am saddened to see her receive unnecessary scrutiny regarding something she is so passionate about for the best reasons. Pamela invested a small amount in the early stages of BlackSteel to support me as a friend. BlackSteel is a French-Japanese restaurant, not a vegetarian restaurant. Pamela personally inspired me to create and offer a complete and separate vegetarian menu which currently has 15 items, and includes many of the dishes I personally created for Pamela through the years. The vegetarian menu is in addition to the Blacksteel signature French-Japanese menu I created for the restaurant, which is not vegetarian.

As a chef of high end cuisine, I create lots of non-vegetarian cuisine, as do almost all top chef’s around the world. The idea to finally offer vegetarians a first rate - full menu at restaurants that normally would maybe offer only one or two vegetarian choices to diners, is an incredible idea that should be admired. Too often vegetarians feel like second class citizens when dining out with non-vegetarian friends. I want my cuisine to be enjoyed by all diners, including vegetarians. It’s ridiculous for anyone to think Pamela is some kind of hypocrite for being supportive to a friend, and actually inspiring a non-vegetarian restaurant to offer a full separate vegetarian menu. I love Pamela and applaud her, and will continue to offer two full menus at BlackSteel.